Espaço A+

Posted in: 11 agosto 2021

Mais espaço nas mídias sociais

We love challenges such as positioning a brand in a segment still unknown in Brazil. When Central Press started working on the digital presence of Espaço A+ and spreading the concept of Self Storage, in 2018, we had many obstacles to overcome. Some of them were the public’s unfamiliarity, the growing competition and the need to help meet the box rental goals.

A few months of content production, social media management and digital campaigns (performance marketing) were enough for the brand to become a reference and a market leader, with a high occupancy rate of spaces (above 90%) in the unit located in downtown Curitiba. The recently opened Airport unit continues to grow quickly and soon the company will inaugurate new units and expand existing ones – some of them with coworking spaces, which are already very successful in different parts of the world.


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