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Central Press.

We are a reputation agency with offices in Curitiba, São Paulo and London. Our purpose is to transform brands’ initiatives into impactful content, to generate awareness, and to bring corporate members together. Overcome challenges. Break paradigms. INNOVATE.

After all, humanising brands and preserving their reputation is the greatest challenge in communication.

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Discover our solutions in corporate communication!

Press Relations and Media Relations.

Telling true stories has been in our DNA since we started providing corporate communications services in 1998. Since then, the way of communication has completely changed, but, for us, some things remain intact.

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Crisis Management.

Reputation is one of the biggest brand assets. If not the biggest! So being prepared for the difficult moments is a priority. Because crisis should be taken care of before they happen.

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Digital presence.

We believe that technology incorporated into online communication is just part of the process. With assertive strategies, rich content and the right connections, brands become unique in the digital world.

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Storytelling is the power of involving audiences through great stories. And that’s our speciality, to inspire people with authentic narratives.

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Capacitation and training.

Communicating is, at least, 70% of the work of each leader. This means being aligned with communication trends and being prepared to transmit messages in the right way is essential. In an interview, lecture or a live, the way to transmit ideas makes all the difference.

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We are restless. And, at the same time, centred.

Because communication has no borders. Even in our dreams.

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