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Our Purpose

…is to transform clients’ initiatives into impactful content, to generate awareness and bring customers together.


HUMANISING communication by means of stories (real ones) of people who are part of the organizations;

INNOVATING the use of tools and channels available in the main creative markets;

PRESERVING the reputational image of the companies, entities and their managers;

INCREASING the relevance of disclosure and campaigns with creativity and focus on the solutions.

Focusing on the gerund because communication needs constancy. And persistence

We believe these are the biggest challenges for corporate communication nowadays.



A reputation agency which allies the responsibility and ethics of Journalism and Business Communication with the creativity of the world of Publicity, and the diversity of the digital environment, without leaving aside the interpersonal relationships and the stories that help build strong and truthful brands.

In 2020, we were elected the best business communications agency in southern Brazil and one of the top 3 in the whole country by Prêmio Top Mega Brasil. Beyond that, we have won many other awards, from organizations such as ABERJE (Brazilian Association of Corporate Communication), Journalists Union and ADVB (Sales Management and Marketers Association of Brazil).

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We are restless. And, at the same time, centred.

Because communication has no borders. Even in our dreams.

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Our operations.

With offices in Curitiba (since 1998), São Paulo (since 2003) and London (since 2009), Central Press includes correspondents in multiple cities of Brazil and around the world as well as an international alliance formed in 2013 with Brazil Agency, which has headquarters in London, New York, San Francisco and Boston.


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